James and Bea’s house

James and Bea's house

Everyone who has been to Lakeshore over the past 14 months has fallen in love with James and Mrs. Bea. Mrs. Bea serves tirelessly in our food distribution center. James works as our right hand man in the rebuilding efforts. Katrina completely destroyed their home. The week after the storm I posted a plea to find them a camper to live in. They later moved into a FEMA issued camper and then into a garage built by volunteers. Its great to see their house finally going up.

James and Bea's house


Had it not been for Katrina, I would not know this wonderful couple. They are a shining example of ….hearts of a servant…not only for the people of Lakeshore but all the volunteers they come in contact with. We have been truly blessed by them. It will be great to see them in their house.

PRAISE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May God Bless them Abundantly in their new home as they have so richly blesed others. Can’t wait to see the progress when our ladies’ group joins y’all for Thanksgiving.
Paula Hamilton,
Trinity Lutheran Church
Joppa, Maryland

I meet this couple this weekend. They are the nicest and friendliest people. They a burning desire for God. I sent time with Mrs.bea. She loves her family with all her heart. Can’t wait to return to this area to help out more.

We as a couple watched as MISS BEA would take her own money to put food on the shelves at the store on many an occasion . Her love for the people that come to the store and her house shows Her love for the Lord.

Mrs. Bea puts her absolute heart and soul into improving this place. No matter what struggles she herself is facing, she never allows them to impact the way she works to better her community. God’s love truly shines through her.

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