Christmas 2006 – Adopt a Class

Last year, we celebrated Christmas in ways that none of us could have even imagined just weeks before the event. As a result of God’s power, lives were forever altered and conformed more to His likeness than ever before. The body of Christ came together to bind up the wounds of the hurting and in doing so, became stronger through sacrifice for the suffering. Our providential God used all of us to provide the tangible for Lakeshore and its surrounding communities through Christmas dinner boxes, gift cards, toys, wreaths, trees, crock pots, CD players, Christmas CDs, stockings, children’s Christmas parties, small hand tools, small appliances and countless other gifts. Christ was demonstrated in the large and small tokens of love by His body. Confidently, we celebrate the greatness of our God and His mighty power not only by causing a hurricane to devastate the coast but more significantly, by changing human hearts.

Where do we go from here? What will the Christmas of 2006 look like? Many of you that participated in helping Lakeshore last year have been calling, e-mailing and blogging about wanting to help again this year. Still more of you have played an active role in the past year in assisting the community through rebuilding and you also have expressed a desire to help. The one resounding note that comes up in almost every volunteer conversation sounds something like this. “What can I do that will make an impact for the kingdom of God?” We have a practical, tangible way for you to help right now. Pastor Don Elbourne has answered that question with an “Adopt a Class” project. He is asking you as an individual, Sunday School class, church or club to invest in the “children of Lakeshore.” Providing space for the children to hear and appropriate the Word of God has got to be the best Christmas present that you could give them. This would be a gift that would truly make an impact for the Kingdom of God. The current plan is to build 2000 square feet of classroom space for the “Next Generation.” Here are the numbers for the Sunday School classrooms we need. We estimate construction cost to be about $100 per square foot.

  • Nursery – 490 square feet needed
  • Preschool – 490 square feet needed
  • Grades 1-3 – 315 square feet needed
  • Grades 4-6 – 315 square feet needed
  • Grades 7-9 – 195 square feet needed
  • Grades 10-12 – 195 square feet needed

You may choose which class or classes you will support.

For example, you may choose to support the Grades 1-3 by funding 2 square feet and your donation would then total $200.00.

We will keep a running total of the support as it comes in or is pledged.

You may make checks payable to Lakeshore Baptist Church and send them to:

Lakeshore Baptist Church
P.O. Box 293
Lakeshore, MS 39558

Please contact Pam Lackey directly via email at or call her cell (678) 860-0448 or home (678) 880-0157. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail or call.

Thank you for being a part of rebuilding Lakeshore to the glory of God.

Merry Christmas!!

A long road ahead

rebuild lakeshore

Fifteen months ago hurricane Katrina demolished Lakeshore Mississippi. Shortly after the storm we realized the clean up and rebuilding would take years of hard work and dedication. In the last few months the overwhelming reality of that long term task truly set in as we face the second year of recovery. Thousands of volunteers have flooded our community with helping hands, strong shoulders, willing hearts, and encouraging words. We have come a long way and we could not have made it this far without God turning so many hearts toward the gulf coast. Several families have been able to move back into their homes with the help of volunteers working along side of them, but hundreds more face a long road ahead. A passion to see the overwhelming task through to completion drives us forward by the grace of God.

For a look back, please checkout the archive of my personal blog. Posts dated between August 31, 2006 until today give brief glimpses into our journey of recovery thus far. We have decided to move future news updates, and information all to this central location. Browse our site to discover how you can help with ongoing needs and continuing projects. See our answers to frequently asked questions and consider planning a mission trip to Lakeshore to participate first hand in the efforts.

Rebuild Lakeshore site redesign

When I dove into the blogosphere in January of last year, I had little anticipation of making much of a splash. Little did I know that in God’s providence my blog would serve as a tool to bring thousands to Lakeshore in the wake of the worst natural disaster to ever hit the continental United States.

For the past 15 months, I have used my blog to chronicle the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts in Lakeshore. The overwhelming task has kept me from doing little more than offering brief snapshots into the ongoing miraculous outpouring of God’s mercy.

Shortly after the storm, our friends created a web site to aid in communication of ongoing needs. Hundreds of teams continue to flood Lakeshore with their generosity, yet so much remains left to do. God has given us a passion to see the work through to completion – a task that will take years. Knowing that information fuels interest and efficiency we have re-launched our Rebuild Lakeshore web site. We pray that the the newly designed site will benefit groups wanting to help with ongoing needs and projects, teams making mission trip plans, and individuals wanting to keep up to date with the progress in Lakeshore. Check the Rebuild Lakeshore blog often or subscribe to the rss feed. Keep us in your prayers as we strive to Rebuild Lakeshore to the glory of God and see the fame of His name spread through our community.

Lord willing, I plan to continue posting to both sites. My Locust and Wild Honey blog will probably revert to some of its pre-storm flavor with devotional thoughts, personal opinions, information of interest, book and web site recommendations, historical tidbits, and miscellaneous musings. The Rebuild Lakeshore blog will serve as a news outlet for the ongoing relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts.

October Overview

If you have not been to the gulf coast, and even if you have, you can not imagine how much clean-up and rebuilding remains. Check out Jamie’s blog as she highlights some of the work accomplished in the past 31 days and asks, “Where did October go?

I wish I had time to blog about every team and every project. God continues to flood us with His overwhelming mercy and grace through the sweat and tireless efforts of so many folks.

Over 30 different groups worked with us in October alone. I thank God for the great people last month who came from Immanuel Baptist Church – Louisville, Ky, Mt. Harmony – Riceville, TN, First Baptist Church – Tullahoma, TN, Midway Baptist Church – Meridian, MS, Highlands Fellowship – Abingdon, VA, Sixth Street Baptist – Alexander City, AL, Oleander United Methodist – Arab, AL, Tammy’s team from KY, Trinity Baptist Church – Baton Rouge LA, Kyle Jefferies and his group, AL, Hillsboro Baptist Church – Hillsboro, MS, Grace Bible – Southern NJ, Hagood Baptist – Barnwell, SC, Lineville Baptist Church – Lineville, AL, Heritage Hills Baptist Church – Douglasville, GA, Oakhurst Baptist Church – Clarksdale, MS, Providence Presbyterian Church – Hilton Head, SC, University of Mississippi – Oxford, MS, Sierra First Baptist Church – Alta, CA, Harvest Community Church – Charlotte, NC, Schriever Baptist Church – Schriever, LA, Northgate Baptist Church- Beckley, WV, New Beginning Family Worship Center – Northport, AL, Grace Bible Church – Canton, GA, New Life Church of Baton Rouge LA, Lima Baptist Temple – Lima, OH, Heritage Fellowship – TN, First Baptist of Natchitoches – Natchitoches, LA, First Baptist Church – Altamont, KS, Jeff Gardner, MI, First Baptist Benton – Benton, AR, Reunion Church – Chicago, IL, and I probably overlooked a few.

With most of these groups working on multiple projects, you can see why I have a hard time keeping up. Someone might feel the temptation to think that with all these folks that we have all the help we need. Nothing could be further from the truth. Come play your part in an overwhelming ministry of hope. Call us at (228) 469-0110 to plan your mission trip to Lakeshore.