Thanksgiving 2006

We stayed so busy the week of Thanksgiving, I did not find the time to report on the wonderful week of hard work in Lakeshore. Check out Jamie’s blog for pictures and news. Eleven teams from nine states worked on several houses, including Ms. Peewee’s home, all culminating in a splendid Thanksgiving Day.

I hate to start mentioning particular names, because whenever I do, I feel the guilt associated with not being able to tell about all the wonderful people who come work with us, but let me highlight a few representatives.

I especially enjoyed seeing my friend Jeff Hill and his crew again from New Jersey. When Jeff arranged his first trip we soon learned that we both planned on attending the Together for the Gospel conference which immediately sparked a friendship.

I always love to see the folks from Grace Baptist Church. Thanksgiving week, Donald Johnson, the Ascol kids, and their crew served long hours in the kitchen. I finally did catch them square dancing in there one evening. We could have raised enough money to build the new church buildings if we would have sold tickets to see Donald doing the dosey-doe.

We also received an immense blessing from Paula Hamilton from Maryland, who I know faithfully reads the blog. Since the storm several individuals from across the country have gone above and beyond with encouragement and support. She stands among that group. Thanks Paula!

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You are more than welcome, Don. As I said to you that Sunday, my husband Barry + I were oh so Blessed by our first trip to Lakeshore last June, we had to give back.
May God Bless you all with a Glorious Christmas Season.
Paula + Barry Hamilton

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