Not slowing down

Someone stopped by the church property this week and at that moment it seemed quiet. They said, “I guess the volunteer stream has slowed down now that its almost a year and a half later.” I had to smile. The only reason the church campus looked vacant was because everyone was out working on houses. This week we had teams working from New York, New Jersey, Alabama, Tennessee, and two from South Carolina.

A team from Hilton Head SC laid Mrs. Lynn’s carpet, poured a landing for her back steps, finished the sheet rock in her bathroom, turned on her power, and several other odds and ends. We plan to dig her well and tie in her plumbing soon. Volunteers from the North Jefferson Baptist Association in Alabama finished hanging the siding at Mrs. Speeds and are pouring the slab for her porch and attached laundry room. They also have a crew finishing the drywall at Mrs. Peewee’s and doing her trim work. The Hood house took a finishing coat of paint and had the light fixtures installed. Electricians from First Baptist Gafney SC wired Stacey’s house. One crew painted Mrs. Bonnie’s interior walls, and another crew painted the exterior of the Patterson’s house. Energetic New Yorkers mudded and sanded Jewel’s sheet rock. The South Jersey team continued framing Mrs. June’s house and erected the rafters at Sherman’s. they also did a lot of work at Bubby and vickie’s house. The team from Trinity Baptist Church in Baton Rouge is painting Mr. George’s walls today. If I counted correctly, and didn’t leave anyone out, that makes 12 houses we have worked in this week to the glory of God.

When these crews head home, we need others to pick up where they left off. Remember, Katrina destroyed every home in Lakeshore. The ongoing task of recovery and rebuilding remains too large to slow down now. Lord willing, we will continue to minister to our storm ravaged community, for a long time to come, through the hard work of God-sent volunteers who bring help and hope in the name of Christ. Please prayerfully consider planning a mission trip to help.

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Brother Don,
Good post. It does my heart so good to read about the Christian spirit pouring out to all of the places that were hit by Katrina. It is sad that we have to have such a catastrophe to see, but it is always refreshing to see it.
Keep up the good work.


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