Praying for Plumbers

Getting water into a house and then back out again requires plumbing skills. Seven of our projects need this kind of work done in order to move them forward to completion.

Three new pier construction homes have the rough-in plumbing in place and we need someone to tie them into the sewage systems, hook them to the wells, and set the sinks and tubs. We built another new home on the old slab of a destroyed house. We chiseled the concrete out to make way for the new plumbing. The job awaits a skilled plumber. Mr. George’s rehabbed trailer needs all the plumbing redone. We plan to begin another slab foundation house soon. We have a team building the forms, but we we need to run all the lines before pouring the concrete.

We wanted to post this plea, especially for all the teams making plans to be here in the next several weeks. You still have time to try to recruit a plumber to accompany your trip. Or if a plumber reading this would like to make a special trip, we certainly could use you. Contact us so that we can put you on the calendar. Your God-given expertise would serve as a tremendous blessing to these families and individuals trying to get back into their homes.


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