Southern Seminary Spring Mission Trip

The Southern Baptist Theological SeminaryOver spring break, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary plans a mission trip to Lakeshore. Several SBTS and Boyce College students have come to work in Lakeshore with their own church groups, so I’m especially excited about this officially sponsored trip. Although I’m a graduate of NOBTS, I feel a strong affinity towards SBTS because of the respect I have for the leadership of president Dr. Al Mohler, the friends I have their, the great things I hear coming out of the school in recent years, and the fact that Lakeshore Baptist Church uses their Abstract of Principles as one of our doctrinal statements.

I know that SBTS is infested with bloggers, so I hope some of you plan to make the April 7-13 trip to the gulf coast. I’d love to have some folks live blog the mission trip. (We do have wifi.) Let me know if this sparks your interest. I also could use some help in promoting the trip. Bloggers, if you find it in the kindness of your hearts to link here and help get the word out, I’d sure appreciate it. 🙂

To make plans for the April 7-13 trip, contact Jacob Preston in the Great Commission Center, Norton 108, (502) 897-4594 by March 9th to reserve your spot. Our church and community receives so much encouragement from believers flooding in from all across the country. They particularly love the enthusiasm that students bring. If you come, you will make a very real difference in peoples lives as you bring help and hope in the name of Christ for the glory of God.

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