Mrs. Lynn’s well

well truck

well dig

Mrs. Lynn, a widow in our church, works hard volunteering in our distribution center, while volunteers from across the country have been building her a house after the storm. The generous folks at First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs Mississippi raised the money to have her well dug. We finally saw that happen yesterday. We plan to tie the water in next week, wrap up a few other small things, and she will move in.

btw, I baptized Mrs. Lynn about 12 years ago in our first baptismal service, shortly after taking the pastorate of Lakeshore Baptist Church. That day, we baptized six new believers in the gulf right at the end of Lakeshore Road.

Pastor Don and Mrs. Lynn

Depth of mercy

Depth of mercy, can there be
Mercy still reserved for me
Can my God, your wrath forbear
Me the chief of sinners, spare

It’s my only hope
You’re my only hope
It’s my only hope of Heaven
At the cross forgiven

I have long withstood your grace
Long provoked you to your face
Would not harken to your calls
Grieved you by a thousand falls

There for me the Savior stands
Shows His wounds and spreads His hands
Face to face before the Son
And like Isaiah I’m undone

Depth of mercy, vast and free
So Much Deeper than the sea
God of love, you heard my cry
Now into your open arms I fly

It’s my only hope
You’re my only hope
It’s my only hope of Heaven
At the cross forgiven

Beau’s House

Teams have made incredible progress on this new construction house in the last month. The crew from Oklahoma worked hard the last couple of weeks and put together this video of one of the several projects we have going. I love the very appropriate Derek Webb sound track that epitomizes what we want to do here.

go in peace, to love, and to serve
let your ears ring long with what you’ve heard
and may the bread on your tongue
leave a trail of crumbs
to lead the hungry back to the place that you are from

and take to the world this love, hope and faith
take to the world this rare, relentless grace
and like the three in one
know you must become what you want to save
’cause that’s still the way
He takes to the world

go, and go far
take light deep in the dark
believe what’s true
He uses all, even you

Contact us today to make a donation or to make plans for your mission trip as God uses “even you;” to rebuild Lakeshore for His glory.

Disaster Relief Evangelism

In the wake of hurricane Katrina, thousands of volunteers have flooded into our community to serve in the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. From day one of the disaster we clamped onto a solitary overarching trust that God will work all things to his glory. In our first church service, I said, “we believe He will use this catastrophe to amplify the truth of His word and call many to anchor their hope in Him.” We still desire nothing more than to magnify the greatness of our God. By His mercy he allows us to continue participating in that grand purpose along with countless selfless volunteers from across the country.

Each week I urge our gracious teams to proclaim the gospel of grace in word and deed. As we provide help and hope to hurting people through hundreds of projects, let us never stray away from the shadow of the cross. If we rebuild someone’s home, reroof their house, wire the electrical, hang sheet rock, lay down flooring, paint the walls with fresh color, add trim, install the air conditioning, and all it takes to move a family from tents and campers into a beautifully renovated house and shut our mouths concerning Christ our supreme treasure, what have we done? We must accompany our benevolent actions with explanations of hope. Let us do more than provide folks a comfortable home to go to hell from.

When you stock the shelves of our food distribution center, speak of the greater storehouse of God’s sovereign mercy and grace. When you carry groceries to a families car, tell them of the boundless provision of Christ. In this blazing south Mississippi heat, when you offer them precious bottle water, urge them to turn from their broken cisterns that can hold no water, to the all satisfying fountain of living water who is Jesus Christ. When you gut a house, clean a yard, or remove storm debris, share Christ’s almighty ability to remove the grotesque debris of human sin. When you find someone’s storm soaked Bible amidst the rubble or replace their lost Bible with a new one, crack it open and proclaim the glorious gospel of grace. When you roll out tar paper and hammer down new shingles, herald the mighty fortress that is your God. When you pour a slab, or dig footers, or set floor beams, share how true “hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” When you pressure wash a house or roll out fresh paint, speak of the powerful cleansing effect of the blood of Jesus Christ that washes away sin. When you hang doors or hang sheet rock point to Jesus Christ who hung on the cross to pay the penalty of sin and make full atonement for all who believe. When you help storm victims replace their possessions, glory in the all satisfying treasure of Jesus Christ.

Above all pray that God will overpower rebellious hearts as He irresistibly draws the people of Lakeshore to Himself, so that they stand drop jawed, not at the unspeakable devastation wrought by Katrina, but at the wonder of a gracious God who rescues undeserving sinners. Understand that we can not coerce, manipulate, or trick people into new birth, only the effectual power of God opens blind eyes, unstops deaf ears, and pounds alive dead hearts to beat with faith in Christ. Know that God uses our feeble imperfect witness in His economy of grace. Trust that God will accomplished his chief end as he glorifies himself on the gulf coast. Rejoice that God’s goodness, grace, and renowned continues to overflow the levees of our making, to the praise of His name.

What will we do?

I updated our Frequently Asked Questions page with a little more detail on project related inquiries. I hope this will aid in planning your mission trip to Lakeshore.

What kinds of projects should we expect?

The skill level of your team will determine what particular projects you should expect to encounter on a mission trip to Lakeshore. For example, if you have electricians, plumbers, or finish carpenters, we almost certainly will use their skills on one of our many projects. At any given time we have several houses at almost every stage of progress, from pouring a slab or shingling the roof to hooking up appliances or moving in furniture, and pretty much everything in between.

Do you have work for teams without any special skills?

Yes. We always need people to do storm debris and construction clean up. We also need people to work in the distribution center, unload delivery trucks, move building materials, and a whole host of other tasks.

Can you tell me exactly what project we will work on while in Lakeshore?

We ask all teams to come to Lakeshore with flexible plans that bend toward fluidity. While we strive to best utilize special skills to their maximum effect, ever changing circumstances sometimes cause us to shift tasks in midstream. For example, unpredictable thunder storms may move a roofing crew to another house to hang sheet rock, paint, or lay flooring. A donation delivery may pull a clean-up crew off a pile of rubble to unload a truck. Come with a willing flexible attitude and God will use you for His glory.

We ask everyone coming to Lakeshore to read through the entire FAQ and to feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Pick up sticks

pick up sticks
In addition to the parts of demolished houses, ruined furniture, and miscellaneous things of every sort strewn for miles in every direction, storm debris also contains mountains of dead foliage. We praise god for folks willing to dig through the woods and rubble to make the landscape a little more livable. With 170+ volunteers working with us this week, many have spent their time picking up broken limbs, dead trees, and sticks … lots and lots of sticks.