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One year ago a group from First Baptist church, Minneapolis Minnesota sent a mission team down to Lakeshore. Check out their blog from the trip. Reading through it and seeing the pictures reminds me that in some ways we have seen a good bit of progress in the last 12 months. At the same time, I see we have so far left to go. Most of the destroyed homes in the pictures have been cleared away, however they have not yet been rebuilt. Heavy equipment did away with the school, pictured in many of the images. A new one remains in the planning stages. James and Bea live in their temporary home (future garage) as volunteers make progress on their new house, slowly, but surely. The steeple still sits out by the road, where we sat it a week after the storm. I do not foresee it moving any time soon. The needs list has not changed much from this time last year. Reading their blog also reminds me how many wonderful people god has sent our way. We praise him for each one of them.

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When our ladies group from Trinity Lutheran MARYLAND returned to the gulf coast in November, we too were amazed at the rebirth we saw in the area. Lakeshore, Waveland + Bay St. Louis were no longer ghost towns. Cars traveled up + down spotless roads where piles of debris stood last June. Abandoned trailers along Highway 90 were now gone. More stores were opened, including a car wash. Wal-Mart was fully stocked + staffed + had lowered their prices. The sand on the beach was smooth + clean. A church near the ocean had completely rebuilt. Houses were being erected nearby + lots were cleared in hopes of a new home. All three of our residents, Mrs Redford, Mrs Maelstrom + Malcolm Veazey had moved into the houses our groups had worked on last Summer. The new church office was open + complete. HALLELUJAH!!!
“Father God,
We thank You for the rebirth that has occurred in the gulf during the past 18 months. We thank You for all the volunteers from across our land. We thank You for the opportunity to be Your Servants once again as we plan yet another mission trip to Lakeshore this Summer. We thank You for Pastor Don’s humility + continued passion to give You All the Glory as the re-building continues. Strengthen him, Lord, as he reviews the community needs list that seems to be endless. Continue to bless him, Lord, with Your Grace + Your Peace as we know that with You all things are possible.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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