Pictures from Stephen Ake

Lakeshore Baptist October 2005

Lakeshore Baptist March 2007

Our friend Stephen Ake, from the Atlanta area, has visited Lakeshore more than a dozen times since Katrina. He almost always brings his camera with him to collect images of his trips. The two above photos represent his first and most recent treks, respectively. the top picture, from October 2005, shows our steeple set out by the road in front of the blue tarp we stored food and worshiped under for the first couple of months after the storm. Stephen snapped the second image of a worship service in Lakeshore on his recent spring break trip in March of 2007. Check out his ever growing picture gallery.

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Thank you, Don for today’s post. I always look forward to seeing Stephen’s photo albums from his trips to Lakeshore. I was not disappointed as usual ;>) and especially loved seeing the pics from Ms Bea’s + Ms Lynn’s houses. Everything is really coming along! Can’t wait to see the progress in person again!! See you in early June!!!

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