Journey to Lakeshore – Video

I want to thank the great folks from “The Journey Community Church” who produced this video. They plan to travel to the coast and work with us later this month.


Very moving video. I plan to hook up our computer at church Sunday night and show it to the people. Thanks for posting it. Where is the Journey Community Church?

This is a wonderful recap and reminder of where it all began, and how much there is still left to do. 2007 will be the best year yet: God is moving hearts each time there is a posting on the site. May He continue to show His power and grace as His Glory beams from Lakeshore. Hugs and blessings to each who lifts his hands to the service of our Lord.

Thank You, Father God, for those with Hearts of a Servant who continue to give of themselves unselfishly to help in the rebuilding efforts. Bless Pastor Don, his family + his church staff as they continue to bring Glory to You in the small beach community of Lakeshore, Mississippi.

I was in Lakeshore a few weeks ago with a group from Decatur Baptist church.What stood out to me was the man God has placed over the great effort going on in Lakeshore.We should all hold him up in prayer. God Bless you Don!

This video makes you feel so thankful of what you have and how God did not make the storm hit in your town. My church, Harvest Community Church is going August 2007 and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do there!

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