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Southside Baptist Church of Huntsville, AL along with sister churches of the Madison Baptist Association have worked together to send assistance and volunteers to our area. Betty Johnston reported on their recent trip:

Sunday morning, April 29, 2007, a caravan of vans, trucks, cars, and tool trailers began its journey from the Madison Baptist Association parking lot to its destination of Lakeshore Baptist Church, Lakeshore, Mississippi. The trip had been in the minds of many for more than a year because of the memory of a previous trip there last year. We received such a blessing by building a home addition for a family whose house had been flooded to the rafters and severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina, as well as completing projects for several other homeowners. This return trip held excitement and anticipation to view the progress of the area during the past year as well as the desire to help another family in its effort to move from its FEMA trailer into a real home.

As we arrived in Lakeshore, before dark, following the familiar road, we were greeted with the welcoming white steeple setting by the roadside, which had been one of just a very few remains of the Lakeshore Baptist Church after the storm. Ever since the steeple was recovered and erected by the road to identify the church’s location, Lakeshore Baptist Church Steeple it has continued to welcome the hundreds of folks from the community with an offer of assistance for daily necessities and help for rebuilding. Hundreds of volunteers, from all parts of the nation, come there for a few days or a week at a time to share their love of Jesus and their many skills and strengths in whatever project they are assigned.

Read the full report, Sharing the Love of Jesus and view more of their mission trip pictures.

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PRAISE GOD!!! I am sitting her tearful in sheer Awe of our Most Amazing God. What your team was able to accomplish in a week surely was by the Grace of our Lord’s Most Precious Hands. He is s-ooo Good to all of us. Thank you Madison Baptist for sharing your Servant Hearts in Lakeshore once again.

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