The Chef

Chef Ian

Each week selfless volunteers work together to prepare meals for the mission teams at our camp site. Those serving in the kitchen sometimes feel that their task pails in importance to the skilled teams framing houses, and doing construction. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those serving in the kitchen literally have a hand in every project we accomplish. God uses people with an assortment of abilities, from construction to clean up, from cooking to garbage removal, and everything in between to fit together and get the big picture job moving forward for his glory.

This week, aspiring Chef Ian, from North Carolina directed the kitchen crew in preparing meals. Ian plans to head to culinary school soon. We pray the very best for him and thank God for his heart to serve.


Pastor Don, It is so good to see your face showing signs of healing. You have had His joy and strength all throught this storm to be certain, but your face is begining to show the physical signs of restoration and peace and it blesses my heart. We love Lakeshore and all the folks that are helping it get back on the map!! Hope to see you again real soon. God’s speed.

Our son is working in Lakeshore this week with the youth from First Baptist, Jacksonville, NC- thank you for a great week- he’s having a wonderful time! Thanks for the kitchen staff!!!! 🙂 God bless you all as you press on!

I was in Lakeshore with the Chef Ian from First Baptist Church Jacksonville, NC, It was the best experence of my life getting to help put a roof on ms. Dianes house. Everybody needs to go help there is so much more work that needs to be done and with help and prayer and God it will happen.

Pastor Don,
Coming to Lakeshore was the first Mission trip I have ever been on and it was a wonderful blessing to see the work of the Lord being done. My teenager was not part of this group, but I just had to come anyway. I along with many of the others wish we could have stayed longer to help out more and see our projects through,but the time I had there was wonderful. Thank you so much for welcoming us to your church!
First Baptist Church-Jacksonville,NC

Pastor Don,

This is Ian Gannon, “The Chef”. I was writing because we have recently had mission reviews at the church and I got to thinking about the trip. I hope that everything is still going well, and i hope the teams are fed the best. I’m sure someone good has come along and i was looking at pictures, looks like you’re running the camp nicely. Write back, I would love to hear how everything is going.

Love in Christ,

Ian Gannon

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