2 thoughts on “Vic’s Roof”

  1. Our team of 26 traveled from Vancouver, Washington again this July to help in any way we could to further the recovery efforts being organized at Lakeshore Baptist Church. We left once again feeling like we had received the biggest blessing from being with friends we have held near to our hearts fronm last years visit, meeting new people this year, and knowing that it was “a God thing” as Pastor Don says that our paths did cross. We left knowing God has a plan and we were a small part of the bigger picture, and we are so humbled that God allowed us this opportunity to be His feet, hands, and voice.

    As we cleared a lot that had not been touched, cleaned a newly finished home, roofed 2 new homes, layed tile in others, and on and on, although we felt it was just small tasks in comparision to the big picture, every thing a person does opens the door for someone else to be able to follow in your footsteps to what God has sent them there to do. Together, with all of us from every corner of the country, working together, we are accomplishing God’s will. How awesome that He allows each of us to be a small part of it!!

  2. The time of my life was helping vic put the shigles on the roof love to come and help some more. It is amazing what you can do in a week wish i had more time so much to do will be comin back this july to do more maybe for 2 weeks this time.

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