August 2007

Riverside Church at the Green's house

We praise God for all the folks who came and worked with us in the month of August. We hosted groups from:

  • Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church – Charlotte, NC
  • Cornerstone Community Church – New Port Ritchy, FL
  • Crossroads Community Church – Naperville, IL
  • First Baptist Church – Athens, AL
  • Harvest Community Church – Charlotte, NC
  • Immanuel Baptist church- Louisville, KY
  • NorthStar Outreach Center – Charlotte, NC
  • Old Town Baptist Church – Winston-Salem, NC
  • Providence Baptist Church – Franklin, MA
  • Reunion Church – Chicago, IL
  • Riverside Fellowship – New Port Ritchy, FL
  • Rocky Bayou Baptist Church – Niceville, FL
  • Sierra First Baptist Church – Alta, CA
  • St. Luke Lutheran Church – Ann Arbor, MI

Two years ago today

Long road ahead

Two years ago today Hurricane Katrina slammed into the gulf coast. This morning my mind goes back to my thoughts as crews restored power in Baton Rouge where we had evacuated to. Jammed phone lines wouldn’t allow us to contact anyone. We watched as news and rescue helicopters flew over our neighborhood and we tried to take in the scope of what had just happened and wrap our minds around the tremendous horror still unfolding. As soon as the internet came back up, I sent out the following email and posted it to my web site:

I am alive. My wife and two kids are alive. My family survived Hurricane Katrina. Still numb from the devastation around us, I can’t help but praise God for the safety of my family and the assurance that God’s providence works all things together for our good and his glory.

We live in New Orleans, or I should say we used to live in New Orleans. We still do not know about our house. We assume its underwater and perhaps a complete loss. We evacuated to my parent’s house in Baton Rouge. We may not be able to return for weeks or even months. Its hard to watch our city fill with water like a bathtub and try to decide where to go from here. Our hope rests in the firm foundation of our sovereign God who holds us in his right hand. This morning I think of John Newton’s words, “Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; ’Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home.”

I still have not heard anything from any of our church members from Lakeshore Baptist Church. Most of them live very close to the water. I know most of them evacuated.

For those not familiar with the gulf coast, Lakeshore sits about half way between New Orleans LA and Gulport. MS, just outside Waveland/Bay St. Louis. Our church is only about a mile from the gulf, in a very low lying area. As soon as the roads open I want to get in and assess the damage. I will be very surprised if any of our church buildings still stand at all.

Now that I have internet access I will post updates as I find out more information. I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that we are safe. Please pray for us as we pick up the pieces, rebuild, and move forward to the glory of God.

Don A. Elbourne Jr.
August 31, 2005

Two years later and we still find ourselves picking up the pieces, digging out from under the rubble and seeing God Glorify himself in ways we never could have imagined. For 730 days now God has poured out his mercy and sustained us with his grace.

Katrina completely destroyed our church buildings and left everyone in our community homeless. Through the hard work of God-sent volunteers we have physically helped over 100 families in Lakeshore rebuild their homes by rehabbing the remains of their flooded skeleton structure or rebuilding from the ground up. Donations from across the country have provided assistance to literally hundreds more.

The long road ahead still looms in front of us. Several more years of rebuilding and recovery challenge us to press on and “not grow weary of doing good.” (Galatians 6:9-10) I know two years is a long time, but the job is far from complete. Please do not forget about us. Remember us in prayer, tell others of the work God continues to accomplish here, and plan a trip to come participate in this mission of mercy as we rebuild Lakeshore for the glory of God.

Happy Birthday Greg

Greg and John

In the days following the storm, brothers and sisters in Christ began flooding our area with much needed essential assistance and provisions. Greg London came among that first wave of hope with a truck load of vital supplies including lunch meat, clean towels, and gasoline.

If you have been to Lakeshore in the past two years, you have probably met Greg. He has worked along side of us through the entire ordeal, and still plays an indispensable role in our relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. I praise God for his servants heart, his passion for Lakeshore, and his brotherly friendship. Happy Birthday Greg.

Greg and Mike

Greg and a team

Greg and an electrician

Greg and James

Looking forward

looking forward

Its Monday morning and we do not have any volunteer teams here. We made it through the summer push and rejoice over all the work accomplished over the last few months. As we plan the work for the teams scheduled for September, October, November, and December we assess where the current projects stand and plan to begin a few more. We still have empty slots in the schedule and room for volunteers, and plenty of work to accomplish.

Here are some pictures of some of our ongoing projects and where they currently stand. We desperately want to move these families into their homes. We need your help. Please prayerfully consider planning a mission trip to Lakeshore as we partner together in this mission of mercy to the glory of God.

looking forward

looking forward

looking forward

looking forward
looking forward

looking forward

looking forward

looking forward

looking forward

looking forward

looking forward

looking forward

Staying Hydrated


The projected heat index for today will soar to 105+. As our reserves of bottled drinking water dipped near depletion, a needed donation of 8 pallets of water arrived just in time.

If you have teenagers here with us this week, we have been keeping a close eye on them, making sure they drink plenty of liquids and taking breaks throughout the day. We have three youth groups working hard with us this week from Illinois, Michigan, and North Carolina. They have been doing an outstanding job. thank you for sending them our way.


water break