Ode to James


James Bobbitt, one of our church members, used to drive a truck before Katrina destroyed his home. Instead of returning to the road, he has worked along side of me as an instrumental part of the rebuilding efforts. His heart to serve his neighbors epitomizes Luke 10:25-37.

If you’ve been to Lakeshore, you’ve met, worked with, and no-doubt fallen in love with James. One of our volunteers from Park Valley Church wrote the following poem about her conversation with him while they were here.

A Keeper

Could I fish with you?
A simple measure for people I meet
If nothing bites, would you still enjoy
water spiders wicking across the
surface of a lake, or the reflection of fall

Will you be a “keeper” or will I “toss you back”

That being said,
I met a “keeper”
on a mission trip
to Lakeshore Baptist Church, MS

A retired truck driver, volunteer coordinator,
“Saint” to the victims of hurricane Katrina,
“Saint” to his neighbor, family, church community

One morning,
James sat in the
volunteer kitchen,
sipped bitter coffee,
shared stories about his family

James spoke about all that they had
lost to the hurricane,
and their faith in God,

James words sounded
like rain on a tin roof,
a comfort, and peace
echoed through me,

there was work to be done,
drywall to be hung, footers to dig
framing, painting

but, for that moment,
on that morning,
nothing was biting

I knew James could see
the time worn message
in the ripples a fish makes
as it surfaces on a still lake
and he had the patience to watch as the ripples fade.

As he spoke,
I remembered the ripples,
and when they faded
I thought to myself…keep talking my friend, you are the “Fisher of Men”

Lisa Malone 2007
Matthew 4:18


High Five to James!
I loved visiting last week with Pastor Jeff’s group from Harvest Community Church here in Charlotte NC. Your home is looking more like moving in could be any day now. Hope the furniture comes real soon. We will be back Dec 26 2007 trip #9 for this church. We enjoy all that God has in store for us to accomplish when visiting Lakeshore. All Hands On Deck!!!!
Debra Barron
member of
Harvest Community Church
Charlotte North Carolina

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