Happy Thanksgiving


My God, I thank Thee, who hast made
The earth so bright,
So full of splendor and of joy,
Beauty and light;
So many glorious things are here,
Noble and right.

I thank Thee more that all our joy
Is touched with pain,
That shadows fall on brightest hours,
That thorns remain;
So that earth’s bliss may be our guide,
And not our chain.

I thank Thee, Lord, that here our souls
Though amply blessed,
Can never find, although they seek
A perfect rest;
Nor ever shall, until they lean
On Jesus’ breast.

– Adelaide A. Proc­ter – 1858


Looks like y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast in Lakeshore! We are thankful for you, Pastor Don, and your ministry of hurricane relief + re-building.
May the Lord continue show His Glory!!!

It has been a BLESSING to have helped a little. I thank GOD for people that have given of theirselves so freely to help others in their time of need. That is what has made this country so wonderful. We love you all.

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