Welcoming Hope


After two and a half years, I’m still meeting people who fell through the cracks getting help cleaning their property and demolishing their destroyed homes. This past week I met one such disabled man in Lakeshore who has been living in a camper after returning to the area. Every day he walks out of his camper door to see the flooded remains of his previous home.


I spent some time with him yesterday and it looks like we have the ball rolling to get the old house removed and begin constructing a new home from the ground up on his property. I look forward to replacing the “Keep Out – Hazard” message on his existing house with a “WELCOME” mat in front of his new home for the glory of God.

Keep Out - Hazard

Proposed Bunk Houses

bunk house row

As we make plans to continue increasing our sleeping capacity for volunteers, we have run out of room on our own property. Our neighbors have graciously given us permission to creep onto their land with temporary facilities for the duration of the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. We would like to build some more bunk houses on this property, but in order to do this, they will need to be small and potentially portable.

I’ve designed a rough draft of a 8 X 12 bunk house (the same size as many of our sheds) that would sleep 4 people. We could hoist this size structure onto a trailer if the need arose. I used the free Google Sketchup application to render a 3D model of something like I’m thinking about. You can download my 8 X 12 Bunk House Cabin from the 3D Warehouse. The model shows store bought bunk-beds, but we would probably want to build our own out of lumber. Let me know what you think. I’m open to suggestions.

Once we solidify the plans and get a material list together for these, I’ll post an update and perhaps we can have folks adopt a bunk house to fund the micro-projects.