Preaching and travel schedule

This coming Tuesday my wife and I will fly to San Francisco where I’ve been invited to speak at the 2008 West Coast Reformed Baptist Pastors Conference hosted by our friends at the Livermore Reformed Baptist Church. Check out their Lakeshore mission trip report. I’ve been asked to speak on God in the Storm and Mercy Ministry in the Local Church.

I’ll then fly to Louisville KY and preach at the Immanuel Baptist Church on Sunday April 13. I’m looking forward to meeting up with some of my good friends there, especially Doug Thorpe and Kristy Miller who have both made numerous and extended trips to Lakeshore.

Then later that week, I’ll stay in Louisville for the Together for the Gospel conference. I’m excited to hear seven of my favorite preachers, Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, C.J. Mahaney, Albert Mohler, John MacArthur, John Piper, and R.C. Sproul. I know that several Lakeshore mission trip veterans also plan to attend, so if you will be there, please let me know and perhaps we can get together.

On Wednesday night, April 9, my friend Mike Corley will preach in Lakeshore to our nearly 200 volunteers from North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Mike hosts a great syndicated talk radio show. Check out the Mike Corley Program – “Radio that’s not ashamed of the gospel.” You can listen to him online. He may also be on the radio in your area. If not, call your local station and request it. He plans to broadcast live from Lakeshore on Wednesday April 9.

On Sunday, April 13, Stacy Morgan will preach at Lakeshore in my absence. While I have not met Stacy, he comes highly recommended by our friend Dale Crawford of Trinity Baptist Church in Baton Rouge.

April 16, my friend, Eddie Exposito, will preach in Lakeshore on Wednesday night. Eddie serves as pastor of Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Slidell LA. All three of these men maintain a solid theology and a strong passion for expositional preaching. While I do not relinquish the pulpit often, I trust that God will speak through his word and these men as they proclaim the gospel with boldness, clarity, and compassion in Lakeshore.

I’ll return home on Thursday April 17. This 10 day trip will be the longest I’ve been away from Lakeshore since the storm. I have to admit that I’m a little anxious about going. so much work remains in Lakeshore, but God has blessed me with some wonderful folks who will hold down the fort (or I guess I should say, build up the fort) while I’m away. I’m going to miss seeing the great teams that plan to work in Lakeshore next week. i pray that God will bless the work of their hands as he continues to rebuild Lakeshore for his glory.

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  1. What a Blessing for you + Courtney, Pastor Don, to get away for a little while to San Francisco :>) and what a Blessing for those who will hear your powerful message. God has + will continue to use you Mightily to bring Glory to His Precious Name. You have never done anything but give Him ALL the Glory these past 3 years. Though at times tired and worn, you have remained humble and faithful to Your God, Our God, who has in turn remained Faithful to you, His obedient servant, and sustained you.
    Have a wonderful time. You two most definitely deserve it!

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