400 Churches

We have hit the 400+ church mark of those visiting Lakeshore in the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. Actually the number probably hovers closer to 500 since I know we have missed a few here and there and we do not have any records for about the first 6-8 months or so. This number represents many many churches who have been down multiple times. For example, Harvest Community Church will be with us next week for their tenth trip. We only count them once in that 400. I have no idea how many unique individual trips we would have if we took the time to try and tally them all. God continues to boggle my mind with the outpouring of his grace through thousands and thousands of fellow believers who stand along side of us in this overwhelming ministry of mercy. I praise God for each one of you. Thank you so much, for your generous Christ-like sacrifice and service.

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