The Dahl House Begins

The Dahl House Begins

Last week a team from Jones County Mississippi dug the holes for the pilings at the Dahl house. This week a team from Houston Texas has been concreting them in. Next week a crew from Pennsylvania will band it and, Lord willing, hang the floor joists. All our rebuilding since the storm has been a walk of faith, but this project required a leap. The generous folks from the Livermore Reformed Baptist Church in California contributed the money for the foundation, but we do not yet have funding for the rest of the project. Two potential sources dried up, but we received encouraging news yesterday from a third. Please join us in prayer as we seek to minister to this single father and his two boys.

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  1. I WAS ON THIS CREW!!!! lol 80lb bags of concrete, 20 minutes of mixing bags in 3 bag groups, and yet we finsihed it in 1 and a half days, haha!

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