Harvest Community

Harvest Community Church in Lakeshore Mississippi

Harvest Community Church, with Jeff Kisiah, has made 10 trips to Lakeshore. Here are a few pictures from their recent trip depicting some of the facets of their efforts; a group photo, physical labor on projects, work in the kitchen, and community contact. We praise God for long-term commitments and partnerships, like we enjoy with the Harvesters, for the sake of the gospel.

Harvest Community Church in Lakeshore Mississippi

Harvest Community Church in Lakeshore Mississippi

Harvest Community Church in Lakeshore Mississippi

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  1. The Harvesters are always a blessing to us when we are with them. The Lord uses them mightily in unique and special ways to help and lift up the residents as they minister tirelessly to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. And through it all, they always bring praise and honor to God Himself.

  2. Pastor Don,

    Thanks for your commendation of our team…

    Here are some particulars about the photos:

    1. MS State Welcome Center – we always enjoy viewing the famous sign, “Mississippi…it’s like coming home!”

    2. James Bobbitt – he became the “Face of the Storm” when I met him 8 weeks after Katrina hit Hancock County. The latest work done on his property indicates our ongoing personal investment.

    3. Bob Huk – our church prayed for this man from CT for 10 years. He was “called out of darkness into His marvelous light” last summer, and has now made 3 mission trips to Lakeshore. Basecamp volunteers always enjoy his tasty meals!

    4. “The Big Guy” – while making a supply run to Lowe’s, God gave us a “divine appointment” with a man named Guy (who goes by the nickname on his t-shirt). We trust our engaging conversation with him will have eventual Kingdom results according to God’s sovereign plan.

  3. Okay, since Jeff mentioned the Bobbits, I have to ask…
    Are James + Ms Bea f-i-n-a-l-l-y moved into their home???

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