Katrina Rebuilding Still Going Strong

As we approach the three year mark of the storm, even the most dedicated organizations have begun to finish up their relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. For example, the cover story in the Baptist Record a couple of weeks ago announced; “Katrina rebuilding slated for closure.” This news only pertains to the officially sanctioned work of the Mississippi Baptist Convention and the Gulf Coast Baptist Association office.

Our efforts, here at Lakeshore Baptist Church, show no signs of slowing down. The last numbers released by FEMA indicate that we still have roughly 4000 families living in temporary housing in Hancock County alone. We still have a long way to go and much work left to do. We can’t let up now, when the most desperate still await assistance.

This week we have about 140 volunteers from Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida. We have seen over 1000 volunteers this summer. Two new homes were framed in the past couple of months and we need folks to come help finish them up.

We praise God for our bulging summer calendar. We have had a great last couple of months, but as we look to the fall schedule, we have plenty of room, and an overwhelming need, for volunteer teams to continue making plans to come. We plan to frame at least two more houses in the coming weeks. We have another 15-20 homes at various stages of completion and several more on the drawing board. We need your help for this work to continue.

Its not too late to make plans for a mission trip to Lakeshore this fall. Contact us today to join us in the ongoing relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts on the gulf coast for the glory of God.

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YAY! 2 more weeks from Saturday and we’re headed down. Make sure there’s plenty of work for us and keep the hurricanes away, if you can.


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