Evacuating for Gustav

We have evacuated Lakeshore. In the morning, I am taking my family, Jamie, Alison, and Zack’s Tulane roommate to Clifton Baptist Church in Franklinton LA where we will ride out the storm in their church buildings. We have done as much preparations in Lakeshore as possible. We expect to receive high winds and rain, but I do not anticipate any storm surge on the church property. Bob Turner and a small crew from VA plan to haul off the bunk houses and bring them to higher ground some time tomorrow. Our prayers are with those along the Louisiana coast where Gustav will more than likely make landfall. If I have internet access in our shelter, I will try to make further updates. For now its just a waiting game as we watch the storm pass.

We definitely will need help reconstructing much of what we dismantled over the last couple of days in Lakeshore. So, if you want to make plans to head our way after the wind dies down, we could use as many hands as would like to come. We have disassembled the kichen and housing will be limited, so if you come you will need to be self-contained. I’ll update conditions as soon as I return to the area.

17 thoughts on “Evacuating for Gustav”

  1. God is in control and has a purpose in everything that happens. Y’all are in our prayers.

    Rick Hood…Green Valley Baptist Church

  2. Hey Don hope all are safe, we will be praying for you all down there we are watching the situation on the news and praying for waveland and all the great people we have met.

    God Bless
    Fred,Kathee,Robby Gray
    St. Luke Ann Arbor Mi.

  3. Praying for you, Don, your family, your congregation, and the people to whom you and your reinforcements have been ministering. May the Lord remember your labor of love and preserve it.

  4. The Langs from Heartland Comm Church in Overland Park KS.
    Pastor Don,
    The people of Heartland are praying for you and your staff along with all those whom live there and help you on a daily basis.
    God bless.

    Chris Lang

  5. Continuing to pray heavily today, Don, as we hear that Rt 90 has taken on water. What a Blessing in Bob Turner + crew who dismantled/moved the church compound buildings. We will keep our prayers constant + our eyes watchful on news of Hancock County.
    love to you all,
    Paula + Barry
    from MARYLAND

  6. Its easy to get news from NO but Rebuildlakeshore provides the the best and some times the only news we receive from the area. We anxtiously wait your return. God bless you. Bob T

  7. I have the word out to all the 2007 AMP Interns that were there last year to be praying. We are believing for a hedge of protection completely around your area. That you will have all your needs met in Christ Jesus. He is our strength and our provider.

    Ed and Susie Rieks
    Old Oak Ranch
    Sonora, CA

  8. we’ll be praying that you aren’t affected by hanna, ike and josephine as well. G-d is watching over ya’ll, and our prayers are with you.

    Good Luck,

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