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Photographer Skip Baumhower has been to Lakeshore a few times and has been documenting the recovery efforts of our community. He traveled down this past Tuesday and came away with some incredible pictures. He interviewed some of our great volunteers from Decatur Baptist Church and created a documentary slideshow that you have to see. Following the first presentation, another one will load with images from his previous trips. You will want to share this link with others.

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THANK YOU, Skip, for this AMAZING slideshow + documentary. It brought both tears + smiles to my face + sadness + joy to my heart. To see how far this wonderful little community has come since August 2005 only to be hit again by Gustav on the 3rd anniversary weekend of Katrina could break one’s spirit. But as the sign on the beach says GOD IS BIGGER and HE knows the plans for His people of our beloved Lakeshore!!! The pics of Mrs Redford on her bike are priceless!! And the pics of the t-shirts from different parts of the country just prove how many people across this Nation are continuing to pray for this town. WE LOVE YOU ALL + know without the shadow of a doubt that GOD WIll PROVIDE as He always has. He will continue to bring Glory to His Name through the volunteers that will come + through the unselfish + relentless servanthood of Brother Don, his family + congregation.
In Christian Love,

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