Land for Sale

Lakeshore Land for Sale

Church Property

If you have been to Lakeshore, you know that we own an awkward shaped piece of property. In the image above, the green area represents the land owned by Lakeshore Baptist Church. The kitchen and distribution center sits on the far left, the metal church building in the middle section near the road, and the Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John quonset huts are in the area to the far upper right.

For the past few years we have been praying for an opportunity to acquire the two pieces of land in red and blue. This could square up our property and make the land more useful. We have been talking to the land owner of the property in the lower right corner. Up until now he has been unwilling to part with it. This past week he placed the land up for sale. He is asking $50,000 (or best offer) for the 100′ X 185′ lot. Although the property would serve the ministry well, we do not have the funds to buy the land.

We wanted to share this news with our friends and ask you to join us in prayer as we seek the Lord’s greatest glory in this matter. Perhaps someone may be interested in purchasing the property and donating it to the church as we continue ministering help and hope in the name of Jesus Christ to our community.

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