First Meeting for New Church Buildings

Lakeshore Baptist Church before Katrina

Lakeshore Baptist Church after Katrina

(Lakeshore Baptist Church buildings, before and after hurricane Katrina.)

On December third, Lakeshore Baptist Church held a congregational meeting to begin plans to construct her all new church facilities. The meeting proved very beneficial and enthusiasm for the project ran high. Everyone seemed very excited to move forward with this project. We remain committed to hosting volunteers, working in the community in our relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts, expanding our mercy ministry, as we simultaneously make plans to reestablish our facilities.

I began the meeting with a brief history of Lakeshore Baptist Church and her buildings, when they were built, what they were used for, and how they were destroyed. We read Exodus 31:1-11, God’s instruction on building the tabernacle, and Psalm 127:1 “unless the Lord builds the house, the workman labor in vain.”

Over the next few days I plan to blog about the remainder of the meting for those interested in keeping up with our progress. I’ve created a “church building” category on the blog and plan to begin posting on issues related to our developing plans. Keep logging on to our site and keep us in prayer as we move forward to the glory of God.

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[…] To help us stay balanced in the design of the new buildings, in our first meeting, I used Vitruvius‘ “Three Laws of Architecture” as an outline to discuss several issues that we want to take into account as we move forward. A first century BC architect, Vitruvius penned the classic “Ten Books on Architecture” and I’ve been enjoying reading this work. Lakeshore Baptist Church wants to design and create spaces that are functional, durable and beautiful. […]

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