The Distribution Center

Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, God moved in the lives of countless people from across the country to send food, clothing, and relief supplies to our area. We began gathering these items on our church property and distributing them to our community. Three and a half years later, many find themselves still in extreme need. Lakeshore Baptist Church desires to continue ministering help and hope in the name of Jesus Christ in a very tangible way through our distribution center.

We rely completely on donations to stock the shelves. If you would like to contribute to this cause, see our “needs” page for a list of suggested items you can send. When your team makes a mission trip to Lakeshore, feel free to bring these items with you for distribution. Many churches find that a food drive leading up to their trip gives those unable to come a good way to directly help families on the gulf coast. You can also send financial contributions to Lakeshore Baptist Church and designate “distribution center” with your gift. We can then purchase items, in bulk, locally or through our regional “Feeding America” food bank.

Google Earth 5

July 11, 2005

 October 27, 2005

September 6, 2008

Google Earth recently release version 5 of their satellite imaging software. A new timeline feature allows you to go back in time and see historical imagery. The above three screenshots show the satellite pictures from July 11, 2005, October 27, 2005, and September 6, 2008. Katrina hit August 29, 2005. With the free download of Google Earth you can zoom in and out and fly around the globe. Looking at Lakeshore this morning reminds me once again how drastically the storm changed the landscape. At least its getting somewhat green again.

Sponsor the new bunk house

Lakeshore Bunk House - Concept drawing

Yesterday, by faith, Lakeshore Baptist Church voted to construct a permanent bunk house to continue hosting volunteers. We pray that this first step in our master plan will, in part, make our zoning board happy. We hope to keep our existing quarters for a little longer as well. The structure will also ensure that we can continue hosting mission teams for a long time to come.

The building will sleep 38 people in two rooms with adjacent restrooms and showers. Sitting on sturdy pilings 9′ above ground the structure will exceed the new flood plain regulations. Lord willing, we plan to break ground in the next few weeks.

We need your help to finance this project. For $200 you can sponsor one of the 38 beds and have your name installed on a recognition plaque placed in the rooms. For $1,500 a church can sponsor one of the 20 exterior 8’X8′ pilings. A plaque with your church name, city, and state will adorn the respective post. This sponsorship program will not only finance the project, but also serve as a wonderful testimony to God’s provision of brothers and sisters in Christ from across the country who have stood along side of us in the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts to the glory of God.

Download and print this Sponsorship Form (pdf) and send in your contribution or pledge today.