Bunk House Progress

The Lakeshore Bunk House

The bunk house construction continues to move forward. this week volunteers painted the two main rooms and hung sheet rock in the bathrooms. They are laying the concrete board for the floors now, in preparation for the tile.

We plan to print a name, city, and state on each piling for churches donating at least $1,500 toward this project. So far we have 7 sponsoring churches. We have 13 unnamed pilings, so if you would like to have your church included, let us know.

Also, individuals or families donating $200, or more, can sponsor one of the 38 beds. So far we have 18 beds accounted for. The remaining 20 beds need sponsors in order for us to complete the project.

Having your church name on one of the pilings or your name on one of the beds will serve as a wonderful testimony to God’s people from across the country flooding to the gulf coast to minister help and hope in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your help with this.

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This project has prayerfully moved along quite nicely, Pastor Don. The bunkhouse looks absolutely amazing!
We were more than glad to sponsor a bed.
Continued Blessings,
Paula + Barry

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