Donations by the Truck Load

Donations by the Truck Load

In the last few weeks we have received several large shipments of donations. I wish I had time to highlight every group that generously supports our distribution center with food, clothing, and household items. We could not minister to the vast need that exists in our community without your help.

One of our contributors, Blaise Dornisch, regularly collects donations in Pennsylvania and drives them down to Lakeshore. In a recent mail out he reports:

Members of the Stepping Stone Foundation recently traveled to coastal Mississippi five years after the anniversary of hurricane “Katrina”. Many area residents continue to struggle with hardships left behind as a result of the storm. In addition, the effects of the BP oil spill have been particularly devastating to much of the regions work force, as consumer confidence in the safeness of seafood has greatly diminished sales. Many of the residents whose livelihood is on the waters have yet to receive compensation for their lost wages.

Lakeshore Baptist Church continues to demonstrate Christ mercy through this incredible ministry God allows us to participate in. The items received in the last few weeks will go out to families in need, almost as fast as they came in. Please consider doing a similar collection in your community, as we partner together for the spread of Christ fame on the Gulf Coast.

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