Planning for 2011

Future Home of the Lakeshore Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

In six short weeks we will call 2010 history. The past year flew by so fast, I’m having trouble recapping all that the Lord accomplished through the work here in Lakeshore. I can’t pause long to glance back, because 2011 will looks pregnant with projects and preparations will keep me occupied throughout the holiday season, especially here on the church property. For the sake of those planning to make a trip to Lakeshore, to ring in the new year, let me lay out some of the tasks on the agenda for the first several weeks.

The Mercy House:

I gave a brief update a couple of weeks ago concerning the Mercy House. Sometimes the little details move the slowest. It looks like we may not have the sheet rock hung before the first of the year. Add dry wall to the list.

In addition to finishing the building itself, we need to build a fence along the south side to enclose the side yard as a play area for the kids, pour a landing outside the sliding glass door, layout the parking lot and spread the limestone, build a platform or back step out the downstairs backdoor, construct side walls and a garage door on the storage building out back, run a hose spigot out the side of the pump house, touch up finish paint here and there, several other random jobs not worth detailing here, and probably at least a handful of other things that have not made it onto my list yet..

The Bunk House Area:

The fence along the bunk house area has already begun to warp. We can correct this problem by running a cap along the top edge of the fence planks. Sandwiching the top few inches with stained pressure treated 1Xs topped with a 2X4 should do the trick.

The forms for a 5X5 concrete pad sit ready for pouring in the north west corner of the bunk house. The elevator / lift will eventually sit here. We still need to raise $6,000 to have the lift equipment fabricated by a local business, Magnolia Iron Works.

The Distribution Center Quonset Huts:

I’m tempted to call this the “Distribution Center Village” since the area contains a total of 10 structures; two Quonset huts and 8 storage sheds. All of this must go, to make way for the fellowship hall ground breaking. Lord willing, the teams coming the day after Christmas can tackle this job. We still have plenty of empty bunks that week and could use some more hands, so if you are off, why not plan a trip?

The Fellowship Hall:

The fellowship hall plans are still baking at 350 and we are waiting for the thermometer to pop out. I’ve already been talking to the guys setting the pilings and they stand ready for this heavy duty job. Pray for us as we finalize the drawings and secure the permit. I hear the ticking clock and I’m working non-stop to get everything in place to break ground in January.

In addition to these major projects, I have a long list of smaller jobs that our church members and partner volunteers will tackle over the next several weeks.

On a more personal note, I’m also drawing up plans for a small cabin (324 square feet) for my wife and I on some property we purchased right next door to the church. As many of you know, since the storm, I’ve had a 45 minute commute to the church. I’ve been staying in a camper on the grounds at least once a week for the past 5 years. I look forward to reclaiming the drive time and becoming more accessible and productive. Lord willing, we will set the pilings over the holidays and frame the little house after the first of the year.

I can not thank you enough for planning a trip to Lakeshore in 2011. The year marks the church’s 100th anniversary and I believe it will prove the best year yet – all to the glory of God and the praise of his name.

The Mercy House nears completion

The Lakeshore Baptist Church Mercy House

We broke ground for the Mercy House about 16 months ago. Progress has been somewhat slow for a number of reasons, not the least of which has been our priority to help folks in our community get a roof over their head. Most of our volunteer efforts have been focused in the direction of homes for local residence and that has been by design. We do, however, finally have the end in sight on the Mercy House project.

In the last few weeks teams have set the cabinets downstairs and built shelving for the distribution center ministry. If we can get the rough in plumbing inspected this week, we should be able to move forward with the insulation and sheet rock in the upper level. A generous cabinet builder from Louisiana has the kitchenette ready to install. The tile flooring has already been laid, and other than the soffett under the downstairs porch and a little paint here and there, the outside of the building is done.

Lord willing, the team here this week will erect the metal storage building out back. We still need to lay out the parking lot and spread the limestone. The fence and a few other details will probably have to wait until after the first of the year, but as we inch closer to the goal, my excitement builds. I’m looking forward to moving in and seeing the ministry here continue to grow to the glory of God on the gulf coast.

Christmas Gifts for Lakeshore

Merry Christmas from Lakeshore MS

In the last five years you have been so generous to provide blessings of hope to Lakeshore families in need during the holiday season. As we look to Christmas 2010, Lakeshore Baptist Church wishes to remain a conduit of help to hurting people. If you or your group would like to “Adopt a Family”, please contact Mrs. Bea (228-324-0778) for information on how you can provide a Christmas gift for families on our benevolence list.