A Slight Change of Plans

If you have been following our progress, you know that we have had a mullti-building master plan in place for the last few years. The church office, bunk house, the Mercy House, and the warehouse are all complete. As we prepared to break ground on the Fellowship Hall / Sunday School building we decided to reassess the overall design before moving forward on the final stage. Long story short, we have made a slight change in our construction strategy . Among other considerations, the new plan will save a considerable amount of money compared to the original proposal. We have received word from the Hancock County Building Department that they will allow us to use the undercroft of the Sanctuary for Sunday School classroom space, provided we build with flood resistant materials and follow all the FEMA guidelines for spaces below the BFE (Base Flood Elevation). This came as wonderful news and allows us to begin construction on our sanctuary sooner rather than later.

Over the next few months we will turn the lower level of the bunk house into an outdoor kitchen, dismantle the old camp dining hall, and prepare the site for construction. Meanwhile, we will hammer out the details for the new church building. We are leaning toward an old fashioned “Puritan Meeting House” style. Lord willing, we could break ground as early as March 2012.

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