Hurricane Isaac

Quonsett hut Mark

On the Seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we found ourselves in the middle of another named storm. Isaac blew in with category 1 force winds and didn’t want to leave. In fact I hear another band of rain falling on the church office roof now, as I type this. We have power; and a good bit of clean-up ahead of us. Nothing even close to Katrina, but I’m sure most folks would rather be doing something else for labor day weekend.

On the church property we had a few trees fall, it looks like we lost quonsett hut Mark, the tarp blew off the roof of the ark, the bunk house fans are toast, some of the screen blew out of the kitchen, the church banner from the metal building probably is in the Kiln somewhere, and we have limbs all over the place. Other than that, and a few other things, everything seems fine. I need to do a little more reconnaissance and start prioritizing the clean-up and repairs.

I can not tell you how comforting it is that we have so many friends from across the country keeping us in prayer in times like these. Thank you so much.


Pastor Don,

i am so pleased to hear that God spared you of siginicant damage to church property and most importantly the loss of any life. I will continue as always to pray for you and the work you are doing.
My best to James as well.

Scott Enchelmaier Chapel On The Hill Cedar Grove NJ

Bro. Don and Lakeshore Baptist Church,
We are praising the Lord for sparing your people and the ministry from even greater damage. We had the privilege to help after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and our hearts were heavy thinking about the possibilities that could come from Isaac; but GOD is gracious and merciful and for that we are very thankful. We pray that you can continue to serve the Lord in that community for many years to come.

Praise the Lord all is well. We were watching every tv + internet broadcast we could. Was quite concerned when I saw Nicholson Ave flooded @ Beach Rd + the casino looked swamped as well. So glad the surge height was not even close to Miss Katrina. Malcolm faired out w/ a mess of 4 feet water damage to his lower workshop + loss of beloved passion flowers + banana trees, but happy to have his rehabbed house still standing. Love all y’all!!!

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