Family Mission Trips are Fun

Our good friends from Michigan made another family mission trip to the gulf coast last week. The weather wasn’t quite as nice as it is today, but at least it wasn’t cold. You never know this time of year. The rain and mud slowed us down a bit, but flexibility has always been the motto of a Lakeshore mission trip.

Being a family trip, the kids outnumbered the adults about 3 to 1, but the multi-generational team accomplished a great amount of work while here. I especially praise the Lord for the several repairs and tasks checked-off at the bunk house. Indoor jobs included tackling the Mercy House back room and warehouse. If you have ever worked back there, you know how disorderly and overwhelming it can get. The difference between the beginning of the week and the end of the week was amazing. I can’t thank them enough.

We also were able to do a little bit in The Garden, between the rain. Carrots and beet seeds were put in the ground; yes, we can garden in January on the gulf coast. I’m very excited about potting up over a dozen cuttings from my dragon fruit. The kids also potted up a bunch of Amaryllis seedlings I’ve been growing from a Katrina surviving flower I discovered on our property. It was a fun week.

I am always so encouraged by this group, not only by the work they do, but also just for the fact that they have fun while here and love coming. Its a joy to share some of our coastal living with folks from out of state. Michiganders gardening on new years day, walking the beach, and boiling crabs at the bunk house. God is good!

Gulf Coast Crabs at Lakeshore Mississippi
Family Mission Trip - Lakeshore Gardens