UPDATE: Much of the information on our Frequently Asked Questions page is outdated as we transition to a smaller scale of mission team hosting. We still need teams to come decommission the temporary housing that served the ministry for over 10 years. The bunk house will continue to be available for you to come, including sleeping quarters that accommodate 36 people, and our camp kitchen.

We ask that all teams planning to make a mission trip to Lakeshore read the following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The sections below cover general questions, team information, work projects, housing, meals, etc. If this document does not address your concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please have every member of your team fill out the Release and Liability Waver. You can bring these when you come. We pray you have a safe trip. Thank you.


Did hurricane Katrina damage Lakeshore?

Lakeshore Mississippi took the brunt of Hurricane Katrina’s fury. Strong sustained winds (150+ mph) and a 42 foot storm surge destroyed all the homes in this community, leaving its residents without shelter, food, or running water.

Did hurricane Katrina destroy Lakeshore Baptist Church?

Hurricane Katrina completely destroyed the church buildings, but our church still stands strong as we minister to our community for the glory of God.

What is Lakeshore Baptist Church doing to minister to her community in the wake of such devastation?

With the help of volunteers from across the country Lakeshore Baptist Church continues to run a distribution center, clean property, rehab houses, construct new homes, encourage the distressed, proclaim the gospel, hold church services, provide Christ-centered God-exalting literature, bathe the community in prayer, and point people to our only Hope.

Has Lakeshore Baptist Church rebuilt her church buildings?

For seven years our efforts focused on a massive relief, recovery, and rebuilding ministry in our community. During that time we have been using a temporary structure for worship. In 2013 we began the construction of our new church facilities.

Are you still doing Katrina Relief?

When Hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast, estimates floated around that full recovery would take over 10 years. Remnants of Katrina’s fury still linger throughout our area, but thanks to thousands of volunteers who have partnered with Lakeshore Baptist Church, we have seen great strides of success.

While the majority of our mission team hosting in 2013-2014, has turned our attention to the new church building, we can’t muffle the heart beat of mercy ministry that God continues to keep pounding in us. We still run an active distribution center that ministers to the physical needs of those in our area, with food, clothing, and household items. God has called us to stay on the look out for ways we can minister to our community in multiple ways. These efforts take the form of cleaning Katrina blighted properties that have been overlooked, finding folks who are living in miserable conditions, being sensitive to those suffering for different reasons, and demonstrating the compassion of Christ.

Can we come help with these things?

Absolutely! See the section “Team Info” below for more details.


Where are you located?

Lakeshore Mississippi sits on the Mississippi gulf coast, just west of Bay St. Louis and Waveland.

6028 Lakeshore Road
Bay St.Louis MS 39520

Directions to the Church Property:

Google Map: 6028 Lakeshore Rd. Bay St Louis, MS 39520

Mapquest map: 6028 Lakeshore Rd. Bay St Louis, MS 39520

Make your way to I-10.

From the West:
Traveling east bound on I-10 take Exit 2. Continue right on 607 which becomes Highway 90. Continue on Highway 90 until you see a large Silver Slipper Casino sign. Take the next right, Lakeshore Road. Go 3.3 miles down Lakeshore Road, the church will be on the left.

From the East:
Traveling west bound on I-10 take exit 13. Off the exit take a left at the stop light onto Hwy 603. Continue on 603 until you come the stop light at the Hwy 603 and Hwy 90 intersection. Take a right onto Hwy 90 and continue west. Travel a couple of miles until you see a sign that says Lakeshore and Claremont Harbor to the left. Turn left there onto Lower Bay Rd. Lower bay rd will take you to a four way stop. Turn left. The church will be one mile down Lakeshore Rd on the left.

Global Position Coordinates: 30°15’17.20″N 89°26’20.59″W


How do we schedule a trip?

First, Contact Us by calling the church at 228-469-0110 or emailing.

Let us know:

  • The name of your church or organization
  • A contact person’s name, phone number, and email address
  • The dates you want to plan your trip
  • How many males and females will be coming

If no one answers when you call please leave your name and phone number and a message letting them know you would like to come to Lakeshore and they will return your call.

Then, as soon as you can, contact us with a “skills list” of your team. For example, if you have any experienced tradesmen on your team, like electricians, plumbers, finish carpenters, etc or if you have people experienced in roofing a house, painting, pouring concrete, or any other particular building skill, please let us know. This will help our planning as we look forward to your trip.

Please have every member of your team fill out the Release and Liability Waver. You can bring these when you come.

What does it cost?

We do not charge volunteers to stay, and work with us. While we run a bare bones operation, we still need money for electricity, propane, gas, staff salaries, camp maintenance, and other expenses. We request a suggested $15 a day per person donation to operate the camp site. The effort relies on generous people like you sending in contributions for the cause. We ask that volunteer groups, making a mission trip to Lakeshore, prayerfully consider how they can help defray these costs. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

What kind of volunteer help do you need?

Our specific needs vary from week to week as we continue progress on the new church building. Whatever your skill level or skill set, you can look forward to a productive week of activity. Check with us to see what we will be doing any given week.

We love roofers, concrete/ slab finishers, electricians, plumbers, framers, folks who can hang and mud sheet rock, finish carpenters, those able to lay flooring, painters, brick masons, cooks, and other skilled help, but no matter how the Lord has gifted you, we rejoice in your willingness to serve. You will be surprised at how God can use you in Lakeshore.

Do you set age limit restrictions on volunteers?

No, we do not set age restrictions on volunteer groups. We do ask that you remember that you will be working in an active construction area. We can not provide a completely safe environment for small children or individuals with severe special needs.


What kind of projects are available?

As stated above, Rebuild Lakeshore focuses on meeting several kinds of needs in our community as we proclaim the gospel in word and deed. This involves a wide assortment of projects including the rebuilding of storm destroyed homes, the demolition and clean-up of properties, the ministering to people through our distribution center, and so much more. When you plan a trip, speak with us about the best way you can serve in these efforts. In 2013-2014, we have also begun the construction of our church building.

Can we see the church building construction drawings?

Yes. You can access them in PDF format here: Lakeshore Baptist Church Construction Drawings.


Do you provide housing for volunteer teams?

Yes. Our campus can house volunteers. We can sleep roughly 150 on our church property. Our main Bunk House sleeps 38 people. Additional mobile bunk rooms, military style Quonset huts, and other facilities can accommodate large groups. Each of these areas contain bunk beds.

Do you have restrooms and showers?

Yes. Our main bunk house has two large restrooms, complete with three showers and toilets each. We also have a quonset hut converted into men and women’s restrooms, each containing 5 toilets and 5 showers and several sinks. A mobile bath trailer, on the property, has 4 more showers, two washer/dryers and 4 more toilets. The church building also has two indoor bathrooms with a toilet, sink, and shower in each.

Should we bring our own bedding and toiletries?

Yes. We do provide cots and bunks in our various accommodation options, but you should bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, linen, and air mattresses. Plan to bring your own towels, shampoo, soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, toiletries etc.

Do you have laundry facilities?

We do have 2 washers and dryers in the shower trailer. Additionally we have 2 washers and 2 dryers on the back of Quonset hut John.

Do you provide maid service?

No we do not provide maid service. We ask that every team take turns cleaning the bathrooms and keeping the property clean. We also ask that teams clean their sleeping quarters prior to leaving.

Do you have internet access?

Yes. We have wireless internet service on the church property. Ask for the WEP key, in the church office, upon arrival.

Are there hotels or campgrounds in the area?

While we would prefer our volunteers to stay with us on the church property, we do have a few hotels and campgrounds in our area. You may also check out Hancock County’s Tourism site for a full list of local accommodations.




Do you provide meals?

Yes and No. Meal accommodations fluctuate from week to week.

If you are the only team staying with us, you will be responsible for your own meals. Our full camp kitchen will be at your disposal.

If more than one team is staying with us, either we will work out a shared cooking schedule or one team will take the lead in preparing meals for everyone. Your team leader should speak with JoEll, in the church office, when planning your trip. She can address any schedule and budgetary concerns. Please do not solicit donations from the other volunteer groups.

Do you have kitchen facilities?

We do have a well equipped screened-in camp kitchen.

  • 2 industrial grade convection ovens
  • 2 large platform propane burners
  • A 10 burner restaurant grade stove
  • A residential electric range w/ 4 burners and oven
  • A large gas flat grill
  • Barbecue pit
  • A large stock of cooking vessels and utensils
  • A double refrigerator
  • A stand up freezer

Do you have a local grocery store?

Yes. There is a Wal-Mart in Waveland and Sam’s Club in Slidell, LA.

Do you compost?

Yes. Please place all kitchen scraps in the compost bin near the big Oak tree, on the north east side of the bunk house.

When is garbage pick-up?

Please place all garbage in large garbage cans and place them on Lakeshore Road, in front of the office, for garbage pick-up Wednesday mornings. Most teams find it helpful to scrape and stack paper plates and cups to minimize the garbage container space requirements.

What should we do with left overs?

When you leave, please mark and date any food you leave behind in the freezers or refrigerators. This will help other teams know what they can use.

Can we find local restaurants in the area?

Yes. We have a growing number of great restaurants opening in the area. Ask Pastor Don for recommendations. If your team plans to eat out for any meal, please let us know so that the folks working in the kitchen can plan accordingly.