A long road ahead

rebuild lakeshore

Fifteen months ago hurricane Katrina demolished Lakeshore Mississippi. Shortly after the storm we realized the clean up and rebuilding would take years of hard work and dedication. In the last few months the overwhelming reality of that long term task truly set in as we face the second year of recovery. Thousands of volunteers have flooded our community with helping hands, strong shoulders, willing hearts, and encouraging words. We have come a long way and we could not have made it this far without God turning so many hearts toward the gulf coast. Several families have been able to move back into their homes with the help of volunteers working along side of them, but hundreds more face a long road ahead. A passion to see the overwhelming task through to completion drives us forward by the grace of God.

For a look back, please checkout the archive of my personal blog. Posts dated between August 31, 2006 until today give brief glimpses into our journey of recovery thus far. We have decided to move future news updates, and information all to this central location. Browse our rebuildlakeshore.com site to discover how you can help with ongoing needs and continuing projects. See our answers to frequently asked questions and consider planning a mission trip to Lakeshore to participate first hand in the efforts.

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Pastor Don,

The newly improved website is very impressive…job well done!

May this help to prompt additional support needed in the onging relief efforts.

Most of all, may God’s glory continue to be on display in the region. Those of us who have been privileged to travel to Lakeshore come away with a fresh perspective on life.

Thanks for being a faithful shepherd to your flock and a skillful expositor of His Word.

May our Lord continue to undergird you and the Rebuild Lakeshore leadership team with His strength for the journey ahead.

Jeff Kisiah
North Carolina

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