Christmas Gifts 2006

Christmas gifts

Christmas in Lakeshore may not be what it was in the past, but it resembles the standard of Christ more and more. The picture of Christ’s giving to His creation is without the expectation that we can ever come close to giving back to Him in kind. Yet, we are called to be like Him in all things. How do we do this at Christmas?

There is a need for Christmas presents (toys) for 300 kids in the Lakeshore community. You get the chance to give to kids you may never see but they will see Christ-like giving through your gifts. We wanted to open up this opportunity as another avenue of giving to Lakeshore at Christmas.

If you’d like more specific information: the children’s age groups, requested toys and the estimated children in need please contact: Pam Lackey at or by phone at (678)880-0157 or her cell at (678) 860-0448

We will take gifts up to Friday, December 22. We are requesting the toys be shipped directly to Lakeshore Baptist Church and labeled “Penguin Supplies.” It would be very helpful to send a hard copy of the gifts to Pam before you send them so she can check them off the list.

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Thank you, Pam, for organizing another wonderful Christmas celebration in Lakeshore. We ladies from Trinity were thrilled to be a mere part of your Penguin drive ;>)
As Tiny Tim said “God Bless Us, Everyone”.
Merry Christmas!!!

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