What will we do?

I updated our Frequently Asked Questions page with a little more detail on project related inquiries. I hope this will aid in planning your mission trip to Lakeshore.

What kinds of projects should we expect?

The skill level of your team will determine what particular projects you should expect to encounter on a mission trip to Lakeshore. For example, if you have electricians, plumbers, or finish carpenters, we almost certainly will use their skills on one of our many projects. At any given time we have several houses at almost every stage of progress, from pouring a slab or shingling the roof to hooking up appliances or moving in furniture, and pretty much everything in between.

Do you have work for teams without any special skills?

Yes. We always need people to do storm debris and construction clean up. We also need people to work in the distribution center, unload delivery trucks, move building materials, and a whole host of other tasks.

Can you tell me exactly what project we will work on while in Lakeshore?

We ask all teams to come to Lakeshore with flexible plans that bend toward fluidity. While we strive to best utilize special skills to their maximum effect, ever changing circumstances sometimes cause us to shift tasks in midstream. For example, unpredictable thunder storms may move a roofing crew to another house to hang sheet rock, paint, or lay flooring. A donation delivery may pull a clean-up crew off a pile of rubble to unload a truck. Come with a willing flexible attitude and God will use you for His glory.

We ask everyone coming to Lakeshore to read through the entire FAQ and to feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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