The Geauthreaux House

Vic's house

Vic's house

Houses in Lakeshore get built with hard work as team after team after team pick up where the last group left off. We have about 25 projects going right now. One of the projects focuses on rebuilding Vic and Tammy Geauthreaux’s house. Shortly after the storm, I posted a picture of Vic and I, in front of where his house used to sit and the tent he lived in for weeks until FEMA issued him a camper. They relocated further inland and I’m excited to begin working on their new home.


[…] I first posted a picture of Vic Geauthreaux on October 21 2005, over 2 months after the storm. He was still living in a tent where his house used to sit. Since that time Vic and Tammy relocated a few miles inland to rebuild their new home. We started framing the the Geauthreaux house this past summer and I posted pictures of the roof going up. Volunteers have wired the house, ran the plumbing, hung insulation and sheet rock and the house is really coming together. This past week a team installed the siding. Lord willing we will soon texture the walls, paint, and be ready for flooring. […]

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