Jayme and Liz

Liz and Jayme

We had to say good-bye to two more members of our summer team this morning. Jayme and Liz, from Michigan, worked with us for the last 4 weeks. Their willing hearts, glowing smiles, tireless efforts, and obsession for power tools brought encouraging joy-filled assistance to the relief efforts in Lakeshore. We praise god for them and their families who graciously allowed them to serve this summer.


Love seeing women stepping up + getting dirty + grimy, too just like the guys!! Thank you, Jayme + Liz.
You will be BLESSED for your sacrifice this Summer.
We pray for your safe travel back home.

I know you guys will miss Jayme and Liz. There were a big help and encouragement to our team while in Lakeshore. It’s pretty cool that they would dedicate most of their summer to serving with you. I know that The Father is pleased.

Liz and Jayme are missed already. They were all that Don said and more… I too thank God for their time here!

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