Jamie Dunbar

Jamie Dunbar has served here in Lakeshore for almost a year and a half. She created this video for her Rolling Hills Church, her home church back in Wisconsin. I wanted to share it with the rest of you. She often underestimates the huge contribution to the team by humbly shrugging her shoulders and telling people that she “just helps out some.” In fact she puts in the work of several people. In a typical week she fields calls from the volunteer teams planning trips, makes all the sleeping arangements (which proves to be a much bigger juggling job than most people think) she runs errands, brings people to job sites, keeps the calendar, sings and plays guitar for the worship services, leads women’s bible studies, sets up for church services, troubleshoots complaints, and accomplishes 10,000 random tasks that we need done on a regular basis. Her self sacrifice has proven an invaluable asset to the team. Check out her web site, Because of Grace.


Pastor Don,
This is so true! Praise God for what He is accomplishing through His servant Jamie 🙂 Praying for you often, and miss you all lots.


Is it my imagination, Jamie, or have you picked up a little Southern drawl from being down in Mississippi for so long? lol.
Nice video. Hope it brings some attention + further support to the continuing re-building needs in Lakeshore.
God Bless,

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