Back up and running

Praise the Lord. If you came by our site in the past 24 hours you may have encountered an error message or a “experiencing technical difficulty” notice. I did something really stupid yesterday. Hyped up on DayQuil, battling a sinus infection, and between phone calls, I decided to upgrade our WordPress installation – which should only take less than 10 minutes. The newest version of our blog software requires Mysql 4.0.0 or higher. Since the latest version of Mysql is at 5.0.45, I assumed the server could handle the upgrade. I assumed wrong. After having other unrelated problems transferring the upgrade files over a less than stellar connection, the installation process slapped me in the face with an error. Fortunately, I had backed up my database – or so I thought. I realized that somehow the backed-up database only contained user information and not the posts. It looked like I had lost all my blog posts for the last year. I almost cried. To make a long story short, after a couple hours of hair pulling, I recovered the data and installed a legacy build of WordPress. Its all good. Now, if I could just kick this sinus infection and keep my head from exploding.


The comments should now be fixed – as well as the obscure error message on the top of each page. All comments as of October 29, 2007 were restored. If you left a comments between now and then (or tried to leave a comment, but couldn’t), it should be working now.

You have to watch that DayQuil stuff. It can really give you a scary buzz.
Why people want that “buzz” is beyond me. Bob got in a frightening state on Romilar, so please follow directions on the bottle. Noone needs a scary
Pastor Don…..what a picture that would be!! Ha-ha God Bless…we’ll pray for your sinuses, too!
Tina T.

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