Email overload

Last week I mentioned our web site woes where you were unable to leave a comment to a blog post. Our friend, Stephen Ake, helped track down the problem. I’ve always used our church email address for communications, but apparently when we launched the Rebuild Lakeshore web site, email addresses for this domain were also created. These emails have been piling up on the server and filling our allotted space. Long story short, the limitation caused problems for our blog database. I’ve now retrieved the 11,909 unread emails. Yikes. Most of them are spam, but I’ve already spotted a good number of legitimate emails in there. I feel so bad, because some of them come from folks wanting to make mission trips to Lakeshore, send donations, or other pertinent communications. I hope people didn’t think I was ignoring them – I never received the emails until now. Many of them date back to 2005. I will go through the massive inbox, cull out the spam, and respond to the messages. It may take me some time. I appreciate your patience.


I just saw Paula’s comment on – saying she couldn’t comment here for some reason. I looked, and it turns out all the comments were turned off for all the posts since the last backup I restored when we ran out of space. I have turned on comments for the last several posts, and now you all should be able to comment again!

Hey there Pastor Don,
Looks like comments are difficult to post again on! Or is it just me? smile.
Continued Blessings.

Hi Pastor Don,
I just tried again + cannot post anything since Nov 15th. When I hit the comment link, it scrolls down to a large blank area. There is no actual response box and I am unable to type anything at all. I haven’t seen any comments at all recently, which is why I said something here. Hey Stephen — you there???

Hmmm. I do not know how that happened. I just checked the administration settings and somehow they were changed not to allow comments. 🙁 No wonder no one has been responding. I had sort of expected some responses to the Thanksgiving post after the mass email I sent out. I corrected the settings and things should work now. Thank you for letting me know about this.

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