Christmas Gifts 2007


Christmas gifts are beginning to pour in from across the country. UPS, Fed Ex, and the US Postal Service stop here on a daily basis. Other gifts come by car, van, truck, and trailer. Our friends from Edgewater Christian Fellowship of Grants Pass Organ, flew Jeff McConnell down with a wad of cash. Jeff spent most of the day in Wal-Mart buying dolls, trucks, and toys that will end up in the hands of community kids who will spend another Christmas in a FEMA camper.

btw, Mrs. Bea made it back to the distribution center this week and continues to recover. she is starting to regain some of her eyesight. She wanted me to thank you all for your prayers. Pictured above, her and Jeff go through the list of Christmas gift recipients.



YAY, Ms Bea’s back!!! We know she was aching to get started sorting through all those Penguin gifts.
Once again, Pastor Don, THANK YOU ALL for everything you do for your recovering community.

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