Letter from Mrs. Bea

Mrs. Bea continues to recover and wanted me to pass along this heart-felt thank you.

I want everyone from the east to west, north to south to know that in the midst of surgery I felt the prayers that were being sent up for me.

When I had complication from the breathing treatments, causing me not to be able to see, I couldn’t imagine this being permanent. Not being able to see my children and grand children’s faces again would not be an easy thing to accept. I prayed and again felt all the prayers that were being sent up for me. I prayed whatever God’s will was I would accept. As soon as I gave the situation up to the Lord I began to get some of my sight back. Praise God! I’m not 100% but now I know that soon will be completely healed.

I will always be so very thankful to each and everyone of you for the continuous prayers that you all offered up on my behalf.

Hope to see you all again real soon!

With Love,
Mrs. Bea


Mrs. Bea,

We have kept tabs on your recovery and you have been in our prayers through it all. We’re so glad that you are doing well. We plan to see you next month!

Mrs Bea,
It was nice to see you in the Distribution Center the end of December 2007 our churchs 9th trip to Lakeshore. We at Harvest Community Church care and you are in our prayers especially during our 40 days of prayer. May you continue to feel everyones prayers and gain strength and sight in the days ahead. Take care and continue to be a blessing to the people of Lakeshore. You are doing a great job keep up the good work!We will be back!
Debra Barron
From the group lead by
Pastor Jeff Kisiah
Member of
Harvest Community Church

Oh Ms. Bea how I love you. I am always praying for you and I’m sad I didn’t get to say goodbye this time around. However, I will be back real soon and will be waiting for your wonderful hugs.

Bea, I will be back down to see you this Spring,and God willing I will bring other women of faith. Can’t wait to share with you once again. Use this time to recovery and reconnect with our Lord on a personal note; you get so busy and are always praying for others. He’s a jealous God and sometimes wants you all to Himself. Submit!! Hugs and blessings,Marlyn Brokenshire

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