Vic and Tammy’s Siding

Vic and Tammy's Siding

I first posted a picture of Vic Geauthreaux on October 21 2005, over 2 months after the storm. He was still living in a tent where his house used to sit. Since that time Vic and Tammy relocated a few miles inland to rebuild their new home. We started framing the the Geauthreaux house this past summer and I posted pictures of the roof going up. Volunteers have wired the house, ran the plumbing, hung insulation and sheet rock and the house is really coming together. This past week a team installed the siding. Lord willing we will soon texture the walls, paint, and be ready for flooring.

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I remember seeing Vic’s tent set up during our first trip down to Lakeshore in 2006. Praise God for all the volunteers that continue to come + humbly give of themselves so more + more community folks can return to their homes + start anew. May God Bless You all!

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