Mike Corley in Lakeshore

While I attended the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville KY, my friend Mike Corley, preached in Lakeshore and put together a great radio show covering his trip to the coast. Check out “The voices, sounds and blessings from Lakeshore.”

Mike also reported on his blog in a post entitled, “Thank God for the faithfulness of Lakeshore:”

“As I listened to those who lived through the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, their spirit of gratitude was obvious. It was also obvious that the shock of the tragedy and the pain of loss were just as real today, almost three years later, than it was on that day in August of 2005. However the evidence of the sufficiency of the grace of our sovereign Lord eclipsed all of the hurt, and through the ministry of Lakeshore Baptist Church, and others, God continues to make Himself known.”

Thanks Mike.

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