A Working Kitchen

Temp Kitchen after Hurricane Gustav

Temp Kitchen after Hurricane Gustav

Several folks planning mission trips to Lakeshore in the next few weeks have contacted us with concerns about the cooking and eating situation in light of our destroyed camp dining hall. I wanted to give a brief update. We have put together a scaled down working kitchen while we work to establish the fuller facilities. The stick built portion of the kitchen, recently being used as storage, remained intact. We’ve brought in a residential 4 burner stovetop with an oven and a refrigerator. It also has a sink and enough outlets for crock-pots or other things. Some of you may remember, this structure served as our first cooking and eating area. The set up now resembles those early days in the months following Katrina. While it may be difficult to feed 200 from here, smaller groups will have no problem. We have room to put a table inside and we also set up a couple of awnings on the slab. For the past three years we have learned to make do with limited resources, slight inconveniences, and less than ideal circumstances. This set-back does not present an insurmountable obstacle, but I wanted to let the cooks know what to expect in the next few weeks. Rest assured we do have a place to cook and eat. I’ll update you as we make progress. We have some things in the works.


Thanks for the update, Don. Have been watching + waiting. Am glad you were able to salvage a part of the kitchen area. It does look like those early Lakeshore pics/videos we had seen! Perhaps this would be the time to start those plans of moving the kitchen/mess hall to the other side of the compound as you had mentioned to us once before. Please know prayers are continuing to come your way.
God Bless,
Paula + Barry

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