Journey to Lakeshore 2008

Our friends from the Journey Church in Michigan made this great video from their recent mission trip to Lakeshore.


Watching this video reminded me of a mission trip I went on before mission trips were even part of the church landscape and vocabulary – It was probably 50 years ago. A group of us went to Philadelphia. The Quakers ran it and supplied all the paint, etc. What fun to work side by side with people in such great need. Something I will never forget. I am sure that those on the video and the many kids participating in the numerous mission trips run each year will not forget. The experience will color all future involvement in church life and life itself.

I was truly touched by the humanitarian effort that was launched by the Journey Church. And to be a part of it was the icing on the cake for me. Folks, that’s what it’s all about, helping each other out when there is a need. Pastor Don, our prayers still go out to you, and your help there with you, for strength and guidance. May God richly Bless you. Thank you again Journey church for allowing me to be a small part in your efforts this past year. I loved it!!

Watching this again ,about a full year ahead of when we made this, makes me remember all we did. Thanks 4 letting me go you guys. It really changed me.

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