Great Porch

Great Porch

The guys from Oak Grove KY were hard at work again this week. Among a host of other projects, they put this great porch on the Green’s house.


Hello! I noticed the caption under the photo mentions a crew from Oak Grove. I’m a reporter with The Eagle Post, the new newspaper in Oak Grove, and would love to get in contact someone for a story about this project.
Please send me an email at the above address and I look forward to more information.
Thanks for posting the photo, Pastor Elbourne!

Pastor Don,
I am one of the pastors at First Baptist, Merritt Island, FL. We have sent several teams to Lakeshore over the past few years, led by Jerry and Ruth Hoogerheide. I just wanted to touch base with you today and remind you that we are praying for you and are grateful to be able to partner with you in ministry.
Andy Hale

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