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Lakeshore Bunk House - Concept drawing

Yesterday, by faith, Lakeshore Baptist Church voted to construct a permanent bunk house to continue hosting volunteers. We pray that this first step in our master plan will, in part, make our zoning board happy. We hope to keep our existing quarters for a little longer as well. The structure will also ensure that we can continue hosting mission teams for a long time to come.

The building will sleep 38 people in two rooms with adjacent restrooms and showers. Sitting on sturdy pilings 9′ above ground the structure will exceed the new flood plain regulations. Lord willing, we plan to break ground in the next few weeks.

We need your help to finance this project. For $200 you can sponsor one of the 38 beds and have your name installed on a recognition plaque placed in the rooms. For $1,500 a church can sponsor one of the 20 exterior 8’X8′ pilings. A plaque with your church name, city, and state will adorn the respective post. This sponsorship program will not only finance the project, but also serve as a wonderful testimony to God’s provision of brothers and sisters in Christ from across the country who have stood along side of us in the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts to the glory of God.

Download and print this Sponsorship Form (pdf) and send in your contribution or pledge today.


Pastor Don,

Praise God! This is good news! We (the men of Ephesus Church in Rincon, GA) will be lifting you up in prayer tonight at our men’s ministry meeting. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. Soli Deo Gloria!


We would like to start this project ASAP. I submitted a site plan to the Director of Planning & Zoning today and he declined it without explanation. I am on the docket for this Thursday evening February 5, to present the plan before the entire zoning board. If they approve it we can submit our actual building plans for a permit. Once we receive the permit we can start drilling the holes to set the pilings.

I do need to move the white tent and a couple of sheds between now and then. We do not have any volunteers here this week; but we do next week. A framing crew from Alabama plans to roll in on the 16th. Lord willing everything will be in place for them to frame it that week. Do you want to come roof it? 🙂

A group from Buckeye Baptist Builders in Ohio will be coming the week of the 16th. We are willing and able to do anything necessary to keep this ministry going. Please let us know what needs done and if there is anything you need for us to bring! God bless you all and we will keep you all in our prayers!


Hoping we can do something to be a part of this. First, our prayers as you continue to work with the zoning board. We’d hoped to be part of building something on your property some day, since we often focus our efforts as a team on the campus there. I still get a chuckle at how we cleaned off all the grime from those ceiling fans in the mess hall. When the last hurricane came through, it was nice to see those clean fans… even if they were part of a pile of rubble.

We will not be bringing a large team down this year, but we will be coming down to Mississippi. Looking forward to it.

I am coming with the group from North Alabama next week and am wondering if the plan for the Bunk House was approved. If so, are the post being set this week? Is the location to be east of the present M,M,L and John structures on that packed surface or is it north of them in the area where the white storage tent is (or hopefully has been)?


The zoning board approved our site plan. When we went to get a permit we realized our old elevation certificate was not sufficient. We have a surveyor scheduled for today. Once we get the new certificate we can obtain our permit and start setting the pilings. Lord willing, we can do that next week. The bunk house will sit where the white tent was.

Hey Pastor Don!
A group from our church came from Birmingham last year and we would really appreciate being able to contribute to the construction and service on this project. Please let me know how we can be of any help.
Grace Covenant Baptist Church
Birmingham, Alabama

[…] We have seen great progress on the bunk house in the last couple of weeks. They have begun setting the pilings for the wrap-around porch this morning. Please pray that this project continues to move forward smoothly. Don’t forget, we also need sponsors to fund this project. Lord willing we will house mission trip teams there very soon. […]

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